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* Fat mentality

Kirjoitettu 22.08.2018 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.


Fat mentality. It something that followed me to my adult life from childhood.

The environment I grew in taught me that it was bad to be fat and I was the overweight kid. I loved food and still do.

I got bullied a lot and told that I didn’t deserve to live, because I was bigger than everyone else, while my sister got praises for being skinny and pretty. That made me think that you have to be skinny to be good looking and a person of worth existing.

Even though I did sports and was good at it, I never lost weight or the fat on my body.

When I hit my teens I lost weight (not on purpose but the puberty did it’s ”magic”) and people praised me for it, which I don’t think should be something to praise for, but I still felt that I was fat and ugly.

I have always known that my bone structure is bigger than a ”normal” person would have but it hasn’t helped me to get rid of the fat mentality that has grown onto me, because society and social media categorizes you fat if you don’t fit their standards. No exceptions for people who would look anorectic even if their weight is 60kg.

I, myself believe in body positivity (or is it a way of life or how do you phrase it…) and I think that overweight and fat people are beautiful and deserve love and kindness too, but somehow it’s super hard for me to learn to love the fat on the body of my own. It’s partially that I’m a trans man and trans men don’t really have body positivity.

Many trans men, including myself, have this stupid pressure to pass in the eyes of society and try to look hyper masculine when not all the cis-men look like that.

But being skinny doesn’t really make you pretty or bring happiness. Many people say that they felt more insecure trying to be skinny than just focusing on themselves. People shouldn’t even define themselves or their happiness by the standards of the society in the first place. Instead, they should do the things that they love and wear clothes that make them feel good instead of worrying how everyone else perceive them.

Sorry for lack of picture and a long text, but I hope you had a great day!

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* Breakdown

Kirjoitettu 13.08.2018 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.





breakdown 2 (2) flip 20cm

breakdown 3 flip 20cm


Hope you had a good day!

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* Reborn

Kirjoitettu 6.08.2018 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.

* Rebirth

Kirjoitettu 7.11.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.

* Helping mom

Kirjoitettu 28.08.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics, sarjakuvapäiväkirja.

mom's new cell

mom's new cell2

mom's new cell3

So my mom can’t really handle new phones but when ever she asks for help and I try to help her she doesn’t listen to my advises. She pulls her phone away so I can’t see what she’s doing or when I try to show her what she should do next she slaps my finger away and starts to yell  ”don’t touch” and ”I can handle this”. And after 2 minutes she asks for my help again :—-)))

I hope you had a great day.

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* Moved with Anni

Kirjoitettu 25.07.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics, sarjakuvapäiväkirja.



Hope you had a great day!

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* Chibi

Kirjoitettu 3.07.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics, sarjakuvapäiväkirja.

Just me teasing my cinnamonroll friend.

chibi 1

chibi 2

chibic 3

Hope you had a gay month! (budum tss).

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* Starting my transition

Kirjoitettu 12.06.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Yleinen.

transklinik eka kerta 01

transklinik eka kerta 02

And I spelled side effect wrong. I blame myself for doing this comic at 11pm.

To be correct as possible; depression doesn’t prevent physical transitioning unless your psychologist diagnose that your body dysphoria is a side effect of your depression. If it’s not, then the transitioning is only prolonged because your psychologist needs to analyze your mental state longer. Still I’ve met some depressed trans people whose transition has proceeded the fastest way possible so I guess there are exceptions. But that’s the way how the process goes here in Finland. In other countries the process always differs depending on what are its laws and politics.

But I hope you had a great day!


* Start of a transition

Kirjoitettu 27.04.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.

GIE letter01

GIE letter02

I’d like to make it clear that my parents still don’t know about me starting my transitioning so please blabber about this if you ever happen to be near them. Thank you.

But I hope you have a great day!

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* Big Dick

Kirjoitettu 4.04.2017 - Myzoth. Kategoriassa Everyday comics.

I made this little comic in 2015.

big dick

Hope you had a great day!

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